A Data-Driven Approach to Demonstrate the True Value of Your Products

Produces real-world outcomes data efficiently and economically

Enables your sales reps to demonstrate the value of your products anywhere at the click of a button

Differentiates your product in the market by supplementing your clinical whitepapers with real-world data from your customer’s day-to-day clinical environments.

Delivers transparency into how your products are performing, in real-time, for pilots or the entire duration of the product lifecycle

Move Your Conversations Beyond Price


Initial Product Pilots
  • Leverage the Mondopoint platform for product pilots that demonstrate impact on customer clinical and financial outcomes
  • Convert successful pilots into full implementations of your products


Value-Driven Sales Discussions
  • Leverage timely, real-world outcomes data from pilots to demonstrate value to other accounts


Scale Your Pilot Programs
  • Replicate the pilot process in other accounts
  • Tee up more opportunities for full product implementations


Engage Strategic Accounts
  • Successfully go after accounts at the national/enterprise level armed with timely, real-world data hosted on the Mondopoint platform

Mondopoint's Technology Platform

The Mondopoint Technology Platform provides you with continuous, automated monitoring and enforcement of risk-sharing agreements at the item level and in real time.